Boston Fusion


A fusion of Boston in one building

BOSTON FUSION is part of a large development plan for a new green quarter in Boston, which will be called South Boston. Located near the waterfront, the 17-story building will combine apartments, office and retail space, making it a truly mixed-use development.

The concept behind BOSTON FUSION is to take 3 urban elements that are characteristic for the city of Boston (Beacon Hill, Boston’s modern financial district and the Rose Kennedy Greenway Park). With a fusion of these 3 elements Bay Arch are able to create an exciting building in South Boston, which is social, economic and environmental, sustainable.

The building is designed as a hilly countryside covering 17 floors, where the top three floors are penthouse apartments extended into the roof surface. Below the apartments are offices, cafés, shops and open green squares and in addition there are traversing pathways from the street level all the way to the rooftop. The idea is to create an intimate suburban idyll inside the construction and in this way develop a whole new version of the good and healthy life within an apartment building.



Et grønt og kommercielt miks i Boston

BOSTON FUSION er en del af den større urbane udviklingsplan over South Boston, som bliver et nyt og grønt kvarter i Boston. Et 17-etagers byggeri beliggende nær havnefronten vil kombinere lejligheder, kontor og butikslokaler med grønne arealer.

Med udgangspunkt i tre urbane elementer fra Boston (Beacon Hill, Boston’s moderne finansdistrikt og Rose Kennedy Greenway parken) har Bay Arch skabt BOSTON FUSION projektet. Ved at fusionere essensen af disse tre karakteristiske elementer fra Boston skabes en interessant arkitektur, der både er socialt, økonomisk og miljømæssigt bæredygtig.



NAME : Boston Fusion  

LOCATION : Boston, US   

TYPE : Retail / Offices / Apartments  

SIZE : 195.000 m2  

STATUS : Presented 2010 – On hold

ROLE : Architect / Initiator   

TEAM : Christian Bay – Jørgensen